Sunday, 24 August 2014

I'm going to university

After taking a GAP year; doing resits, volunteering and working, I finally landed a spot at university. I'm officially moving out into halls and studying Business Management and Marketing for the next 4 years.

Congratulations to everyone on their alevel results and have gotten into uni! 
Well done! :))

University isn't for everyone, that's why I took a GAP year. It was probably the best option for me since I was not ready for uni last year, and I'm still feeling uneasy but I definitely want to go back into studying and go down the education route for now.
I'm still working, and recently went for the promotion and passed. woo. I'm still a customer advisor at Uniqlo but just a level higher with more responsibilities. It's my stepping stone to improving myself as a person, especially my confidence. I enjoy it there and hope I can balance both studying and working. I have my doubts but just gonna go with the flow and see what happens I guess.

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