Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Saatchi gallery | Adventure #1

Being a previous art student, I miss those art trips to museums and galleries where we would sit on the floor or in the corner, sketching away in our art books. The most memorable art trip of mine was my Year 10 trip to New York City, visiting various art museums such as "The Museum of Modern Art" and "Guggenheim". Even though I have steered away the art career pathway, I still do enjoy gazing at art work, wondering what meaning is possibly being portrayed. Recently I visited the  London gallery for contemporary art, the "Saatchi Gallery". I did not know it was such a small one compared to the likes of "Tate Modern". However, I did get a few snaps of a couple of art pieces that looked interesting. I do wish I got more photographs. It is what it is, but I do hope you enjoyed it! 

Have a great week! :)